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Dewell & Partners Law Firm (“Dewell”) is a law firm in partnership, approved and established by Department of Justice of Hubei Province. Dewell now has three offices, respectively located in Jianghan District of Wuhan, China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Wuhan Area, China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Yichang Area. Dewell’s history can be dated back to 1982.

Dewell provides all-dimensional legal services for governments, local enterprises, international and foreign investment institutions in Central China. In the area of foreign business, government legal consultancy, finance and capital market, corporate and commerce, etc., Dewell has always been devoted to leading the local legal service market, and providing high-quality legal service through a unified team helping clients to realize its strategic and business objectives from the prospective of commercial and practical regard.

As the first law firm that is approved and established Committee of CPC in Hubei Province, our law firm has dedicated to enhancing the Party building, participating in public service, helping the poor, donating to construct the education, etc., in order to elevate our lawyers’ spiritual feature, morality, sense of social responsibility and teamwork spirit.

Our law firm adopts the policy of focusing on absorbing the innovative experience of domestic and foreign law firm. Through division system and other flexible mechanism, Dewell provides with personalized development space, for those lawyers who aspire to develop, excavate and realize the value of lawyer career.

In April 2007, Dewell, as the only member law firm in Central China, together with nine other outstanding regional law firm in China and the famous international law firm Hogan Lovells, established one of the most influential intra-lawyer cooperative organization - Sino-Global Legal Alliance (SGLA).

In September 2007, the first transnational law firm alliance—SGLA was formally established. SGLA consisted of leading Chinese law firm in main economic center in China and Hogan Lovells, one of the top ten international law firm.

At present, SGLA, which is the one of the platforms in China that is able to provide comprehensive international and domestic legal service, has more than 3,900 lawyers qualified in mainland China and other jurisdiction. Wherever our clients are doing business, SGLA’s international network can provide comprehensive and high-quality legal service.

SGLA’s institutions in China locate in Beijing, Changchun, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Jinan, Hangzhou, Kunming, Lanzhou, Nanchang, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Yinchuan, Xiamen, Xi’an, Xining, Guiyang, and Hong Kong. SGLA confirms the semi-close-joint-venture relationship among its members through its Articles. Every member law firm cooperates with each other in the ways of bilateral and multilateral communication, training, referral, etc., to share legal skills and other legal service resources.

Part of Dewell lawyers also have the qualification of Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Agents and Engineer.

·One lawyer is the deputy to the thirteenth National People’s Congress, and the special supervisor of Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate.

·One lawyer is the counselor of the People’s Government of Hubei Province.

·One lawyer is the member of the twelfth CPPCC National Committee.

·Several lawyers service as deputy to People’s Congress or member of CPPCC in municipal and district level.

·One lawyer is the Chief Supervisor of Hubei Lawyers Association.

·One lawyer is the vice president of Wuhan Lawyers Association.

·Several lawyers serve as the directors or vice directors in professional committee of Hubei Lawyers Association, such as financial and securities law committee, environmental law committee, criminal law committee, foreign business committee, etc.

·Two lawyers were honored with National Outstanding Lawyer Prize. Several lawyers were honored with Class III merit citation and above, Hubei Top Ten Lawyers, Wuhan Top Ten Lawyers, Wuhan Top Ten Young Lawyers.

Dewell’s foreign business legal team has plentiful experience in FDI, Merger & Acquisition, IPO, overseas investment, and international trade, etc. We have provided satisfactory service for clients in foreign commercial activities, such as Siemens acquiring China Chang Jiang Energy Corporation project, Sino-Belgium Technology Park project, Australia Gold Coast project, Russia MMK Hot-rolling water treatment project, and Kenya Nairobi-Malaba Highway project.

As the only Legal Assistance Platform for International Trade Friction assigned by Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, Dewell’s foreign legal service team has provided beneficial assistance in dispute resolution for Diamond Power Hubei Company Ltd. and Hutchinson (Wuhan) Automotive Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Dewell’s government legal consultancy team focuses on legal reasoning of important administrative decision-making and administrative act, drafting and examining regulatory documents for administrative body, representing in administrative disputes, handling petition letter concerning lawsuit, Public-Private Partnership, and other kinds of projects that are participated by administrative body, helping relevant government promoting lawful administration. Dewell has served as legal counsel for Department of Public Security of Hubei Province, Department of Audit of Hubei Province, State Taxation Administration of Hubei Province, Banking and Insurance Regulatory Administration of Hubei Province, Policy Research Office of Hubei Province, Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs of Wuhan Municipal Committee of CPC, United Front Work Department of Wuhan Municipal Committee of CPC, Department of Justice of Wuhan Municipal Government, SASAC of Wuhan Municipal Government, Department of Commerce of Wuhan Municipal Government, Huangpi District Government, Wuhan Economic and Technology Development Zone Government, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone Government, Management Committee of Yangtze River Demonstration District, Wuhan Chemical Industry Park Government, and multiple other CPC and governmental institutions.

In an open tendering activity among near ten law firms in local area, Dewell won the bid and was selected as the legal service provider of 7th Military World Games.

Dewell’s finance and capital market legal team has outstanding achievements in the areas of prudent operation of commercial banks, standardization of traditional banking business and business process reengineering, financial innovation, important risk management of financial institution, and important and complex financial dispute resolution. Dewell has provided outstanding legal service in multiple areas for Chinese funded commercial banks, such as Hankou Bank, Bank of Communications, China Bohai Bank, Agricultural Bank of China; policy banks, such as China Development Bank; foreign banking institutions, such as Societe Generale, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of East Asia.

By signing service contract, shortlisting suppliers or other methods, Dewell is keeping sound and stable relationship with most banking and insurance institution in the local area.

Dewell’s corporate and commerce legal team provides prominent legal service for domestic and foreign enterprises in the areas of investment and financing, merger and acquisition of assets, business and share, labor relationship, stock option incentive plan, tax-related matters, IPO and bond issuance, securities investment fund, etc.

Dewell’s typical clients in corporate and commerce law area include Wuhan Department Store Group Co., Ltd, Hubei Energy Group Co., Ltd., Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd., Hubei Radio & Television Information Network Co., Ltd., Hubei United Investment Group Co., Ltd, Wuhan Sante Cableway Group Co., Ltd., WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited, Hubei Hongtai State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.,

Dewell’s construction and real estate legal team serves real estate development company and related administration, for the benefit of local city construction, economy and society development. PPP department, which is a subdivision under construction and real estate legal team, plays an innovative and leading role in PPP business exploration, regulation and development.

Dewell is the only law firm in Hubei Province that holds the title of National Civilized Law Firm awarded by Ministry of Justice of China, and the title of National Outstanding Law Firm awarded by All China Law Association. Dewell is one of the law firms in Hubei Province awarded by famous international law firm rating agency Chambers and Partners. In the 2020 Asia-Pacific Guide released by Chambers and Partners, Dewell is awarded with Band 1 law firm in Central China in the area of Corporate/Commercial. In July 2018, Dewell is awarded with National Outstanding Organization of Practice of Law of CPC by the Committee of National Practice of Law of CPC.


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