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Development: In the early 80’s , the lawyer system was restituted in China; and Dewell & Partners was established ever since. Over the past two decades, it has not only witnessed China’s great achievements in legal and economic constructions and opening-up to the outside world but also experienced a dramastic change from a newly-established small firm to a large-scale and modernized law firm with over one hundred professionals practicing in all fields of legal services and a servicing network covering Asia, Europe and America. Eternally in pursuit of keeping pace with the era is Dewell & Partners.  Participation: Dewell & Partners saves no effort in the course of shaping and perfecting the rule of law in China and consistently supports and participates in the reform and opening-up of China. It firmly believes that its own development is tightly connected with the prosperity of China and that Chinese lawyers will further grow in tandem with China’s development. Participation in social construction and reciprocation of support from society are our way to eternal development.   Cooperation: Dewell & Partners endeavors to provide its clients with high-quality legal services, so as to progress with the era and grow with the clients. We keep studying, improving and innovating in all aspects of our services so as to safeguarding our clients’ legal interests to the possible best, holding the belief that the client-oriented attitude and smooth cooperation with the clients are the headspring of our eternal development.

Collective Honors

Preeminent Law Firm awarded by Ministry of Justice of China 

Outstanding Law Firm at State Level

· The highest honor for Chinese law firms:

    Preeminent Law Firm awarded by Ministry of Justice of China

· From All China Lawyers Association:

    Outstanding Law Firm at State Level

    The highest honor conferred by the Central Committee of 

    Chinese Communist Youth League: Youth Civilization Unit

· From Hubei Provincial Government:

    Civilization Service Model From Wuhan Municipal Government

    Civilization Service Model From Hubei Provincial Judicial Bureau Civilization Law Firm 

· From Wuhan Municipal Judicial Bureau:

    Top-ten Law Firm

Our Team

Provide customers with the ultimate experience

Our consistently growing team of over 80 specialized lawyers is the inherent guarantee of providing you with high-quality legal services.

among them:

· fuhaoall lawyers are graduates from prestigious law schools or business manage ment schools.

· part of partners have studied overseas or have worked in overseas law firms.

· three are of Doctor degrees in law, twenty of L.L.M degrees and five of double-bachelor degrees.

· thirty are with other professional qualification, i.e. CPA, tax agent, securities analyzer, engineer, arbitrator, patent agent, etc.

· forty have practiced for over ten years,Many lawyer have been awarded titles of Hubei Top-ten Lawyer, Wuhan Top-ten Lawyer, Outstanding Youth, Outstanding Returned Overseas Students, etc.

Our Resources

Cherish the mission entrusted, and we will achieve it

All the channels to abundant resources established in the process of over two decades of practice are the circumstantial guarantee of providing you with high-quality legal services, which include: 

stable and smooth work relationship with government agencies at all levels as well as judicial organs

profound understanding and application of various systems in China and their modes of operation

extensive cooperation and exchanges with numerous famous law firms home and abroad

 contact and collaboration with prestigious accounting firms, commercial consultancy companies, investment institutions, financial consultancy companies, etc.

and long-term trust relationship and co-development strategy with clients in different industries.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property legal service is a special service field of Our law firm. Dewei JunShang law firm provides various services related to international and Chinese intellectual property law. Services include but are not limited to: copyright, invention patent, utility model patent, design patent, trademark, franchise, trade secret, computer software protection, information technology and domain name.

Energy and Infrastructure Facilities

Our advantages in professional team and resources make it a reality the timely and overall legal services to you; and we have rendered professional legal services to a bundle of investors, including certain world famous power companies, in respect of the matters of project investment and development, BOT, project finance, project construction, legal environment appraisal, asset transfer, etc.

Litigation and Arbitration

Over two decades in the past, we have represented clients of all kinds in a variety of complex and significant cases and have also acted as arbitrator to adjudicate certain controversial and difficult cases. 

When it is necessary for you to go to court, we will, bearing in mind the purpose of solving your problem in a practical way, select the best strategy after studying the dispute from different perspectives.

Legal Research and Information

The computer system and database of our Legal Research Department is in efficient operation twenty-four hours a day and is closely connected with the outside world. The computer system and database have collected all of the fruits of our collective wisdom and efforts as well as relevant materials in all fields of practice, through which the knowledge of our lawyers can be updated conveniently and access to relevant non-classified materials is made possible for our clients.

When it is necessary for you to go to court, we will, bearing in mind the purpose of solving your problem in a practical way, select the best strategy after studying the dispute from different perspectives.

Our Customers

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